Time-In investigates a contemporary Canadian sense of home and the relationship between the physical and psychological self.  Using portraiture as a vehicle, this work looks at self-identity and belonging,  alluding that our first home is in our skin.

This solo exhibition appeared at the Craig Gallery February 5 to March 1, 2015.

Artist Statement

The meanings of home are deep and varied, and today we have many more options about where we choose to live.  Each of us can identify with the need for a place where we can be ourselves, a refuge from the outside world, a sanctuary, somewhere comfortable and easy to be.  Yet home isn’t always a comfortable place and can frequently be repressive, a prison or an island where one can feel separated from family or community.

Home also exists within us and is something that changes with time. Time-In addresses the relationship between a person’s home, their self-identity and a sense of belonging.  Furniture, pictures and other moveable objects can be powerful expressions of self, with the personalization of space and familiarity, supporting our sense of belonging.  The works in Time-In consider the person in the context of their surroundings; revealing more than simply the face.

I elected to use traditional portraiture as a vehicle for this investigation since the portrait presents us with our first home: the one inside our skin.  The layers of underpainting suggest a physical reference to the many layers of meaning that home comprises and the more subtle effects harmonized with the more intangible elements such as memory and ritual.  The wood support evokes the timber from which many Canadian homes are built and in some of the paintings, the wood grain is intentionally left visible.

Home is as individual as the people who live there.  I hope that the unique connection I sensed between each sitter and their home might be acknowledged.  The presence of this connection, which developed during the physical act of creating the work, was something unspoken.

Loretta Migani

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Visual Artist